Deb Wood
deb.wood at westtown dot edu
975 Westtown Road
West Chester, PA 19362

Assistant Clerk:
Chris McKenney

path2b at aol dot com


 Tom Haviland
Tom.Haviland at gmail dot com

Coordinator: Lynne Piersol- 610-864-3802   -  concordquarter at pym dot org
Newsletter Editor: Rich Ailes - 310 Park Ave. Swarthmore, PA 19081    610-543-7321 railesjr at ailesdodson dot org
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Recording Clerk: David Leonard (Birmingham)      Nominating Committee Clerk: TBD

Meeting Contacts
Meeting Clerk Treasurer CQM Nominating CQM Planning
Birmingham Connie Eash
Ass’t Clerk:Chris McKenney
Paul Kanieski tbd Gwynne Ormsby
Concord Valerie Peery
Ass’t Clerk:Brigitte Burger
Ray Hamilton Marian Walker Marian Walker
Ray Hamilton
Goshen Alison Levie & Laura Laky Michael Fisher Tom Woodward Tom Woodward
Middletown Tom Ceresini Joe Stratton Rich Ailes Rich Ailes
West Chester Gwen Knapp / Debbie Lyons David Wickard Scott Smith Debbie Lyons
Chris Smith
Westtown Joe Marchese Elson Oshman Blunt Deb Wood Peter Lane
Willistown Kate Edmunds & Will Scull
Pam Costanzi tbd tbd
Wilmington Debbie Murray-Sheppard-1
Pam Cerchio-2
Ed Betz-3
Shana Burns Pinter tbd tbd