Quarterly Meeting at Westtown October 27, 2013

Friends received the report of the team that attended the Kindler's Vision Conference in mid October at Woodbrooke Study Center in Great Britain. The report is in our minutes and also at this web page: http://concordquarter.org/past-events/2013/10/19/3-quarterly-meeting-friends-attend-visioning-conference-in-great-britain

We also reviewed a request from alumni of Westtown for the Quarter to become the Secondary Stewardship Contact for a fund that would support an endowed chair at Westtown School in honor of Thomas Brown. The Quarter decided to review the fund's memorandum in order to bring a recommendation to next Quarterly Meeting as to whether the Quarter should commit to such a responsibility.  You can view this memorandum here:   Westtown Endowed Chair Memorandum

For the presentation Westtown Meeting arranged for a Friend from Dover Meeting in New Hampshire to speak about his Meeting's decision to divest its holdings in any stock funds that support fossil fuel production or distribution. Tom Jackson, whose film title "Out of Balance" detailed Exxon Mobile's attempt to influence the debate on climate change, offered a compelling vision of what a divestment strategy could accomplish. Paula Kline of Westtown provides a full report on Tom's presentation here: 



Posted on November 10, 2013 .