Quarterly Meeting at Wilmington January 26, 2014

Over 30 Friends and attenders participated in Meeting for Business. Meeting approved endorsing a travel minute for Thomas Swain and a list serve purchase for Quarter business and publicity. Bruce James provided the Finance report and a process to refund Monthly Meetings that had paid for Coordinator expenses when that position was unfilled. Charlie Spadoni made his first Coordinator report and reported the results of last years Tuition fund distribution. A minute of appreciation for the Pemberton Fund's grant to support our October Visioning conference experience was approved. 

The presentation after Meeting for Worship was provided by Todd Krasnai, Brigette Burger and Zac Dutton. It was a very scaled down version of the workshop experience they had at the Visioning conference in October. We generated a list of activities which Meetings could do to achieve effective in reach and outreach. These will be distributed to our various lists and posted on our website soon.

Posted on January 26, 2014 .