100% Renewable Electricity in Concord Quarter

Become part of the Just Transition to a Clean Energy Future!

In just 15 minutes, your Monthly Meeting could be 100% powered by renewable electricity! What a powerful example we set by committing to 100% renewable electricity for our Meetings and households. Thanks to recent deregulation in the energy market, the electricity you purchase in your monthly energy bill could be supplied by wind turbines, solar plants, or hydroelectric dams, while remaining affordable. By switching your energy provider, you can slash your meeting’s carbon footprint and do your part to prevent climate change. You may not be able to install your own solar panels, but now every Meeting has the potential to be powered by renewable energy for roughly the same amount of money as your current monthly electric bill.

Birmingham & Westtown Meetings have switched. Can all our Quarter’s Meetings switch by July 2016!

Once you switch, you can post a nicely designed lawn sign, encouraging others to consider switching too! You can get the art work for the sign from Westtown Meeting member Paula Kline at kline.paula@gmail.com


For Concord Quarter meetings in Pennsylvania go to these links: 




These websites enable you to select your electric utility and identify all the renewable electricity choices in your service area. Remember to look for fixed rates and renewable or "green" electricity. You can then go to the supply companies’ websites to compare what they charge per kilowatt hour, and where their electricity is generated.  Then you can sign up on line for the one you prefer. 

For a listing of Green Power providers in Pennsylvania click here.