Concord QM Square Dance February 9, 2019

About 40 people of all ages attended this year’s Square Dance in Willistown Meeting’s wonderful social room. With the Thornbury Ramblers and Alan Crosman calling, everyone could dance as much as they wanted. Snacks were plentiful and the Creaky Knees Cloggers danced for us too! For pictures click here and here

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Parents Morning Off December 1, 2018

A wonderful time was had by the children who attended and their parents had a great morning off! Crafts, games, snacks, outdoor frazzlerham led by Elsom Blunt and Tom Haviland, pizza lunch and fort building. For pictures click here

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Concord QM Square Dance - Feb 24, 2018

Another great Square Dance Social as F(f)reinds of the Quarter clapped their hands and promenaded and do-si-doed all around Willistown's marvelous Social Room. With toe tapping music by the Thornbury Ramblers  and Alan Crosman's excellent calling, young and old had a wonderful time. Click the link below for the photos and 2 videos.

Posted on April 3, 2018 .

A Spiritually Led Quaker Decision Making Workshop with Deborah Fisch

On Saturday, March 22, about 30 Friends and attenders from Concord Quarter and other Quarters were blessed to hear stories, practical tips and spiritual practices that breathed new meaning into the Meeting for Worship with attention to Business. By the end of our four hours with Deborah Fisch many of us felt gathered into a spiritual location that we hadn't thought existed.

Posted on March 24, 2014 .

Quarterly Meeting at Wilmington January 26, 2014

Over 30 Friends and attenders participated in Meeting for Business. Meeting approved endorsing a travel minute for Thomas Swain and a list serve purchase for Quarter business and publicity. Bruce James provided the Finance report and a process to refund Monthly Meetings that had paid for Coordinator expenses when that position was unfilled. Charlie Spadoni made his first Coordinator report and reported the results of last years Tuition fund distribution. A minute of appreciation for the Pemberton Fund's grant to support our October Visioning conference experience was approved. 

The presentation after Meeting for Worship was provided by Todd Krasnai, Brigette Burger and Zac Dutton. It was a very scaled down version of the workshop experience they had at the Visioning conference in October. We generated a list of activities which Meetings could do to achieve effective in reach and outreach. These will be distributed to our various lists and posted on our website soon.

Posted on January 26, 2014 .

Quarterly Meeting Friends attend Visioning Conference in Great Britain

 Several months ago, Thomas Swain of Middletown Meeting, had a sense that a Quaker conference happening in Great Britain would be an opportunity for Friends in our Quarter. The Kindler's, a Quaker group in England responsible for Quaker Quest, had put together a conference titled "Visioning New Fire, A weekend conference working for Quaker Renewal", and through Thomas' connection with the group, they were making 3 slots available for Friends from our Yearly Meeting.

note: Brigitte Burger and Todd Krasnai will be reporting on their trip at the October 27 Quarterly Meeting Meeting for Business 

Posted on October 21, 2013 .

Quarterly Meeting at West Chester April 28, 2013

Meeting approved to "Grow the TEF (Tuition Endowment Fund)" over the next 3 years with an ad hoc committee was formed to support it. Also we approved attempting to send a young adult Friend to an "inreach" workshop at Woodbrooke in England in October titled "Visioning New Fire with the Kindlers" . Click that title for more info.

We were entertained and deeply moved by author Janet Olshewsky's reading from her book titled "The Snake Fence" published by FGC, a book about a teenage Quaker boy from Chester County who has experiences with violence during the French and Indian War. Janet is a very thoughtful retired English teacher who has a very engaging  manner. She read us a chapter where the lead character is faced with leaving an injured opponent behind in the woods or helping him out. Very nicely done.

The children made Indian crafts relating to the same era as the Snake Fence time setting. They learned about William Penn's relationship with original settlers of the area.

Please click here to go to our Documents page for the April QM minutes.

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Willistown hosts the annual CQM Square Dance

About 35 Friends joined caller Dave Dobbins along with several musicians from the Thornbury Ramblers for an evening of warm fun on a very cold evening at Willistown Monthly Meeting. Many thanks to the Meeting for their support of this event.

Posted on February 23, 2013 .

Quarterly Meeting at Goshen - January 27, 2013

Letters of Travel were endorsed for Thomas Swain and Melinda Wenner Bradley. Discernment on the way forward for the Tuition Endowment Fund led to an approval for a Called Meeting for Business. George Schaefer spoke to us about the services provided by Quaker Aging Resources website. Children made gift bags for home bound seniors, and the middle school group visited the Thorncroft Equestrian Center.

A highlight of our Quarterly Meeting was Audra Supplee's organizing of a middle school youth trip to Thorncroft Equestrian Center, a horse farm which provides rides and training to people with disabilities. This was the first service project of the year which we hope will turn into many. Posted below are some photos taken by Lynne Riley. Many thanks to Audra and Lynne for providing these young Friends a great experience. Click here to go to Lynne's Shutterfly album of the event.

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