Gnostic Gospel Series

Friends and the Gospel of Thomas

Christ has come to teach his people himself.
The kingdom of God is within you and all about you.

February 28, March 6 & March 13 – 2 to 4 pm
(snow date March 20)
The Hickman in West Chester

 Led by Thomas Woodward, former Westtown teacher and
member of Goshen Meeting

In these sessions we will look at the Gospel of Thomas, not only as potentially the fifth gospel but also as the gospel speaking directly to Friends. In our first session we will explore the special demands a sayings gospel makes on its audience, the difference between literal and non-literal understanding of text, and the similarities and differences between the four canonical gospels and Thomas. We will look at Nicodemus in the Gospel of John as an example of one who discovers and lives the difference and end with a reading of the beginning sayings of Thomas. In the second session we will concentrate on Thomas, discussing sayings and then looking at parallel passages in the canon. At this point we will consider non-duality, “ both and” rather than “either or,” preparing us for a consideration of gender. To that end we will look at Mary Magdalen in both the canon and the Gospel of Mary

While I can get us started in this exploration, its outcome will come from corporate effort. TW

The Hickman, North Walnut Street, West Chester, PA 19380 adjacent to West Chester Meeting

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Posted on February 3, 2016 .