Concord/Western Quarter Together on April 23

Concord/Western Joint Quarterly Meeting
April 23, 2017 at
Westtown Monthly Meeting

 8:15     Sign-in Note: Concord Quarter will meet in Westtown Meetinghouse. Western Quarter will meet in the Lower School Gathering Room, in the Lower School off of Shady Grove Road and Walnut Hill Road
8:30-10:15     Separate Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business
10:30-11:30     Combined Meeting for Worship in Westtown Meetinghouse
12:00-1:00     Main Dish provided by Westtown Meeting (Sides and Desserts are Potluck) in the Boys Collection Room in Main Building across from the Westtown Meetinghouse
1:00-2:30     Program led by the Yes…AND Playback Theatre Group

Learning to Understand and Celebrate Our Differences Through Shared Experiences.

Improv based on Audience Stories. Locally based troupe brings issues of personal and social change to life in a non-threatening, enlightening and entertaining format.
Click Here for info on Yes...AND Playback Theater




Children’s Programing: for 1st thru 12th Grades Outdoor Youth Event - Ropes Course & Canoeing. 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM (no rain date) at Westtown School. Open to any child whose parent or parents attend or are members of any monthly meeting in Concord Quarterly Meeting or Western Quarterly Meeting or is actively involved in Westtown School’s Quaker Leadership Program (Note: To canoe, a child must be able to swim.) Registration must be completed by April 7. Cost is $10 for first child and $5 for each child thereafter. Go to for more info.

Childcare will be provided during Meeting for Business, Worship and Program.
Map of Westtown School Campus

For more info email Click for QM Flyer



Posted on March 17, 2017 .